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ABOUT US / HENSEL Passive Fire Protection

Fire Insulation First of all, we need to have a business-oriented relationship with confidence in the eyes of the companies. Our company has made our way with this understanding, and fire insulation has become aware of what is important and other important issue.

Structural integrity, uninterrupted and durable insulation, international application and accounting programs are very important in fire protection coatings. We continue our work with a high level product and professional application teams.

We are TÜYAK member without company, We have been developing new technologies in the field Processes are constantly following.

- Turn-key applications with our HENSEL brand for fire protection coatings
- 30,60,90, 120 and 150 minutes protection coating for steels.
- EN 13501-1 B-s1, d0 protection coating for wooden surfaces
- Fire protection on concrete surfaces
- Fire protection for horizontal and vertical electric cables
- Product and application in accordance with EN, BS, DIN and ASTM standards
- Penetration plug-in fire protection
Temp Coat About

In the application of insulation engineering, it provides all business units such as product supplier, foreign product representative, engineering and contracting in its own way and provides turnkey efficiency improvement projects to its customers and solution partners.

Infrared thermal camera analysis
Process improvement
Preparation, budgeting and financial tracking
Value engineering, design and technical support
The relationship between insulation and CORROSION
Frost protection
Personal safety and training
High thermal insulation analysis and laboratory studies
Static and dynamic load calculations
Dimensioning of insulation systems according to ecological and economic factors
Development of high temperature and cryogenic insulation concepts
Planning and conducting functional tests for complex insulation systems in our laboratories
Designing insulation systems in 3D CAD programs
Qualified materials and systems
Research and development
Vision solution collection
Technical information and data transfer